The Mechanical Sign Waving Mannequin – A Revolutionary Method to Advertise Your Business

Don’t waste your time and money on a sign spinner! Check out the clip below about the Mechanical Mannequin.

Sign Spinners Come with too many Problems

The mechanical mannequin, or sign doll is a much cheaper way of advertising your business. It is also much more effective. Since these dolls are a new trend many people haven’t seen one before and therefore want to see what it is. They really do catch the attention of people passing by.

The Benefits:

  • A robotic employee that never stops spinning your message
  • Change your advertisement sign whenever you want
  • No insurance and liability costs
  • No extra compensation for an employee
  • No Breaks
  • Don’t pay thousands of dollars per month for an employee to spin your sign
  • No Vacations

Grow your Business with a Small Investment Today!

The mechanical mannequin has proven to work within any industry. It can be dressed up in any type of clothing or costume and therefore can really advertise any type of business. Many people passing by one of these dolls actually stop to take pictures with it and send it to their friends. That means that they are spreading you advertising to even more people than you thought possible.

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The Mechanical Mannequin has been called a revolutionary new advertising method which allows you to advertise your business at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Sign Spinner. The Mechanical Sign Waving Mannequin works 24×7 marketing and getting the message of your company out to hundreds of onlookers a day.This not only gets your message across but does wonders for your businesses sales. Adapting to this innovative Sign waving strategy also give you the peace of mind as there is no running after or worrying about late employees, employees asking for breaks, and no vacation time needed. To order a  Sign Waving Mannequin all you have to do is pick up the phone or go online and get started and to top it the payment can be made in two parts which makes ordering and owning one more feasible. The Mechanical Sign Waving Mannequin generates attention for all types of businesses, events and programs. With the help of these mechanical mannequins the company or business can earn more money in just a small amount of time

The mechanical Waving Mannequin is motorized and battery operated which gives you the convenience of placing it anywhere indoors or outdoors without a  hassle. They are easy to assemble and come with an instruction manual. There are wig options– it could be either blonde or brunette, along with basic clothing which is provided, A lot of business owners like to dress the Waving Mannequins themselves so that it can relate better with their business needs also proving them the flexibility of changing their message with a different approach or sign. The sign waving robot can dressed up in costumes and anything else you would like. The. Whatever the time, whether it is day or night, the mechanical mannequin is at your disposal and helps you stand out from the competition.

These dolls can truly be your ace in making your signs stand apart from every other sign in town. Not only will your business gets noticed, you will have an increase in sales. It is an effective method of advertising your product without having a heavy effect on your pocket.


Mechanical Mannequin Specs